Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Future Of The Cloud

Yes the Cloud was a disruptive technology, but is it really a revolutionary concept or an evolutionary concept.
Many would believe it to be a revolutionary concept, but I differ, sorry Mr Benioff. It is evolutionary because really all that happens in the Cloud is that a computer has been picked up from 1 building and put in another. Yes, there is a little more to it than that, yes it provides SaaS and PaaS etc. But to consider it to be revolutionary it is not. It's not like moving from gas burning lights to electric ones, which is truly revolutionary.
Don't get me wrong I'm a massive advocate of the Cloud and wholly believe in it. Actually its massive success is partly due to it being an evolutionary concept rather than a revolutionary one, because it is easier to adopt evolutionary concepts.

But how will the Cloud develop. Well we are already seeing multiple types of Clouds springing up, Salesforce, Cordys, Azure, Sugar CRM, Google, Citrix, Redhat etc. Organisations are now not just licensing multiple instances of Clouds, such as 2 Salesforce Clouds dealing with 2 separate sides of a business ( Finance / Customers / Suppliers etc ), or Salesforce Clouds in partnered organisations connecting and sharing information, but also different types of Clouds, Salesforce, Sugar, Google etc communicating together in a thunderstorm of Clouds.

But I believe the real advantage of the Clouds like Salesforce and how it will leverage new technologies is the fact that Salesforce enforces a uniform foundation and language, so communication and crowd sourcing is far easier. Because of this although technologies like Salesforce is not OpenSource I believe cross-Cloud communication and crowd sourcing will exponentially increase bringing new and amazing capabilities to the Cloud.

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