Friday, 1 March 2013

Problems Installing IDE

Usually Ive installed Eclipse then installed the IDE through Help > Install New Software but recently that has not been working at all.

So I followed the steps to download the standalone IDE and then tried to upgrade Eclipse after the install and this is when all the issues started.

So if like me you have tried to follow the steps in

When you come to
"Go to the HELP menu item in the IDE, select the Software and Workspace Center, and then click on the "Apply" button in the dashboard tab. You may find that the Apply button does not exist in your UI -- if so, see if you can find something on the Developer Boards."

You may find like I did that the Apply button doesn't exist


Do make sure you have downloaded the correct version of JDK 32 or 64 bit first.
Download the next to latest version of Eclipse from
Extract to a separate folder than the standalone IDE
Copy the contents of the Eclipse folder and Replace the contents of the folder where the standalone IDE was installed.
Now restart Eclipse
Go to Help > Install New Software and this time you will be able to upgrade the IDE successfully.

Yes this is a pain but this was the only way I could get IDE to be installed if the Apply button in the Pulse Explorer doesnt exist.

Hope this helps everyone!

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