Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Self Evolving Software

SES has been launched on the AppExchange.

SES is simply the holy grail of software development, the ability for a computer program to understand what is required in English and hunt down functions in the codebase to fulfill a particular requirement.

Development teams commonly duplicate code because they are not aware that the same function has already been developed by another developer, this may be in the same organization or not. Every time this happens an organization loses money in costly developers time and also by unnecessarily delaying IT projects.

Duplicating code causes other issues such as unit tests have to be created twice and in cloud environments like Salesforce additional unit tests results in longer deployment times to Production, and finally Salesforce is limited to 3,000,000 characters of code so less code will be available.

SES literally automates the processes of finding relevant functions from the codebase and creating the code using these functions to fulfill the business requirement.

By utilizing crowd sourcing software development in SES is a catalyst to faster, more accurate and efficient software development.

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