Friday, 7 September 2012

This Best Article About IT I Simply Have Ever Read

I'm not going to introduce this article other than to say if you are even remotely connected to IT, be it an engineer, programmer, analyst, project manager, any manager, and even IT Directors

Only extra thing I would say to this is, if those in charge have unrealistic information the net affect is they may as well leave the building and never come back. Why? Their job is to direct, hence the name of the their job titles, if they are given inaccurate and unrealistic information they cannot direct affectively and therefore makes their job redundant. This is no fault directly of those who direct, but of those below who supply the information, but it is their fault for breeding an environment where it is the norm to supply inaccurate and unrealistic information to them. If you were to highlight the most important but equally difficult part of a leaders job it is to foster such an environment. This is what creates great leaders.

I've formed this opinion and knowledge only from what many people have told me of their experiences and what I've read.

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