Friday, 22 May 2015

More Salesforce Spring 15 Release

Import Accounts and Contacts with Ease
Your Name > My Settings > Import > Import My Accounts & Contacts,
and import from loads of source outlook, linkedin, excel, yahoo, zoho etc

Educate Users with Salesforce Adoption Manager
send tips by email to users to encourage good working processes

Call an Apex Method from a Process
When no other process action can get the job done, add customized functionality to your Salesforce processes by calling an Apex
To call an Apex method, add the Call Apex action to your process and select an Apex class with an invocable method.

Monitor Your Users’ Login and Logout Activity
This could be used to identify user activity and if a user is getting most out of Salesforce and possibly identify user to remove and save on licenses.

Streamline Managed Packages by Deleting Unused Components

Develop Deployable Custom Metadata Types (Pilot)
You can now create custom metadata types and can then create custom metadata that uses these
types’ characteristics. ISVs and enterprise IT departments have in the past emulated custom metadata
types by using list custom settings and in some cases custom objects, but the rows on these items
are data, not metadata, and data can’t be deployed to different organizations.

Also, other features....

Mass Submit for Approval

Creation of Any Object via Workflow Rule - using the new Process Builder

Submit for Approval Through Workflow Rules - using the new Process Builder

Apex Called by Workflow

Allow Changes in Formula Field Value to Trigger Workflow

Implement an "Apex Queue" for Async Processing - Create your own queues for whatever you like

Submit More Batch Jobs with Apex Flex Queue (Generally Available) - Now allows potentially unlimited sequential batches to run

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