Friday, 22 May 2015

Whats good about Salesforce Spring 15 Release

Open CTI
I'd expect the likes of New Voice Media are not going to be happy about this, but now developers will be able to easily integrate with whatever CTI system you like.

Outages and business continuity
This uses the Salesforce to Salesforce fetaure
Some of the issues I see with this Salesforce to Salesforce only works from a Production /Dev to Production / Dev org, so you wont be able to copy data to say your full sandbox. So you will need a separate Production / Dev org which has the same size of data storage as your Production org, which means a lot of extra cost.
You will also need to make sure that all your meta data is up-to-date across both orgs and to constantly be updating Salesforce to Salesforce subscribe settings. Otherwise your data will not transfer across correctly. All of which will introduce extra work for your company to maintain.
But on a positive note, if you can easily select specific records / objects and export subsets of data then this could be beneficial
For good business continuity do use the current Data Export ability that can schedule objects to be exported in a csv file

Important Fix
A useful feature was released in winter 15 that allows you to Deploy without deleting Scheduled jobs by ticking a box in  Deployment Settings
For some orgs when you go to Deployment Settings you will see Insufficient Privileges
This is a known error but there is a workaround here

Quick Deploy
Also I can confirm that Quick Deploy now fully works and is a great addition for deployments

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